gallagher smith lmt mudra massage

Gallagher Smith, LMT

Gallagher went to East West College of Healing Arts, graduating in 2010. There he studied Shiatsu, myofascial release, deep tissue and Thai massage. During his time at East West College Gallagher was also exposed to Structural Integration, which became a primary interest. With a previous background in physical arts such as dance and Yoga, he was able to explore movement in an educationally rich holistic environment. Gallagher’s goal with massage and bodywork (outside of greatly reducing pain) is to help people live more freely in their bodies unencumbered by malfunctioning postural and movement patterns. He has a multi faceted hands-on approach utilizing a variety of depths with one goal in mind… if its not moving, help it move.

Gallagher is available for: Swedish/deep tissue & prenatal massage.

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