Mudra Massage Portland Oregon 5 Star Reviews


"I've been getting regularly bodywork since the mid 90's, but only discovered Ashiatsu a few years ago via a massage therapist friend. It was eye-opening, as I've always needed/wanted very deep tissue to work through my knots and muscle adhesions (think Graston work), and Ashiatsu does all of that. A fellow sauna goer at Everett House told me about Mudra Massage, so I went and had a 90 minute Ashiatsu massage with Kelby. I waited to write this review until I'd gone a second time to absolutely confirm that he is the most talented, intuitive, muscle-whisperer massage savant I've ever had the privilege of being on the table with. Rather than list another torrent of adjectives, I'll write that he's an astute listener- and not just of the words and sounds I made, but of my body and the silence. We chatted some and had some silence as well, always very comfortable and respectful. You, Yelp review reader, are worth it- go book with him!! Mudra Massage itself is a gem tucked away behind a non-showy entrance. There's a lot of exposed wood, they use DoTerra oils for scents, have tea and water, and the vibe I've taken way from it is a place to really sink into yourself. It's relaxing but doesn't feel particularly 'spa-ish,' which wasn't what I was looking for. I have a keen sense that the practitioners there all feel called to this particular type of massage, rather than just being there because it's a place to do massage therapy. With Kelby, anyway, I feel that I'm in a partnership with him in terms of working through a lot of very 'sticky' muscles. I certainly felt more relaxed after my sessions, but I was also feeling as though we're making progress on a healing road. That is not something I've experienced in other massage therapy environments. Mudra Massage is a unique space with many talented therapists. I'm especially grateful to and will be returning on a regular basis." Kristi Lee 3/7/2019
Kristi Lee
Wonderful! Kirsten Stone does an amazing job -- she was so in tune with my needs and body. She really worked on a tough shoulder with great, deep massage techniques. The room is quiet and relaxing. I will come back to her as often as I can.
I just had an ashiatsu massage with Kelby and it was one of the best massage experiences I've had. The technique is so powerful and deep, and my body feels amazing. Besides being gifted, Kelby was genuinely warm and frequently checked in with me. His presence was as healing as the technique. The studio itself is also amazing and the experience from start to finish was top notch.
Loved our experience here! Got in late because of travel issues. (Arrived from NY same day) and they were never snarky or even seemed annoyed. They kindly let us still come but let us know our time might be shorter but they would do the best they could... which is completely understandable. They extended as much as they could and I didn't feel like it was shortened at all. We got the ashiatsu (sp ?) because we wanted to try something new. I was very impressed by the results. Wasn't sure what to expect but loved it. Great communication about what you want and need. I had Jillian and my friend had Kelby. Both were great. Wish we lived here! Lol Will definitely return if in town 😉
Best massage I've ever had from Kelby!! And I've had a LOT of massages. Very attentive, knowledgeable and fantastic massage. I had been having pain in my leg from exercising and it feels like it is almost completely gone after one two hour session with him. AMAZING! Highly recommend!
Lindsay C. gave me the best massage I've ever had yesterday! She really knows what she's doing and I left walking on a cloud. I'll certainly be coming back to see her!
This massage was fantastic. I didn't realize when I arrived that this business is known for the massage therapists climbing on top of the table and using their feet. I was curious and agreed to receive this type of massage. It honestly blew my mind! My massage therapist Kelby, did a great job and was really able to use his body weight and dig in deeper than most regular massages, which I love. They also had delicious tea that I sipped on while I waited. It was the flavor "yoga". Overall, this was one of my favorite massage experiences.
The 90 minute fusion massage with Brittany was hands down the best massage I've ever received. I don't think I can come close to describing in words how lovely it was. I was on the verge of crying tears of relief at the end... I haven't felt this relaxed in years! Thank you,
I do not say this lightly: the services I've received at Mudra are the best I've experienced in over 25 years of receiving massage. The bodywork is inspired, especially for those seeking deep work. (But don't be scared away if deep work isn't your thing - the staff here seeks to understand what you need, and customizes their approach.) Their team is inquisitive, confident and highly- skilled. I continue to see different members of their team so I can learn from their different styles, but Brittany and Hallie... I'm looking at you... appointments with these two are outstanding.
Good Morning Mudra!
My massage yesterday with Natalie was very healing. This is the first time in two years that I have not had an achy back when I wake up and I slept soundly without any pain. Natalie is a fantastic healer using her mind, body and spirit. I look forward to our next session in a few weeks. Thank you,
Dear Mudra Team,
I was so very pleased with your service (11/4/17). There were three of us (birthday celebration / girls weekend) and we ALL experienced such a good session(s). Your facility is so very nice and comfortable as well as the very friendly welcoming staff and great massage professionals. Thank you for making this day for us, so special.
Jillian is phenomenal as always! I had so much tension in my shoulders from a recent trip and she was able to work out almost all of the kinks, which is not an easy task! I just adore her and always look forward to seeing her because I know I'll leave feeling fantastic!
I had a wonderful massage by Kelby. Probably one of the best. I will return. I also like the Indian setting that was my room. My two daughters also had fantastic massages. They recommend the Fusion treatment. We try a different facility each year. Now, we will return to Mudra. Thanks for the expertise and professionalism. You have a lovely facility.
Hello. I got a 90 minute massage from Gallagher on 10/6. It was definitely one of the best massages I've ever received. Gallagher clearly listened to what I wanted at the beginning and was very responsive to the clues my body gave along the way. I left feeling deeply relaxed and "worked on." I felt the effects for days. The setting is beautiful and the staff is very professional and nice. I will be coming back! Thank you.
I only have exceptional experiences with Brittany. She has raised the bar so high that it would be very hard to get a massage from anyone else. She has a sixth sense reading a person's body, giving a massage that's needed in the moment. It's never the same and is always wonderful.
I just wanted to say I had a wonderful experience at Mudra Massage! The massage itself was perfect and the music, quality sheets, eye pillow, and hot stones all added to the experience. I live in Philadelphia, PA, but I look forward to coming back next time I come to Portland! Thank you! Cheers,
Hello! I had a 90 minute Ashi with Mary and this is the third therapist I've tried at your facility for Ashi and I am continually blown away by their skill! I don't even live here but I recommend people to come see you all the time if I here the word Portland. I own my own tiny massage studio and am an M.T. myself in California and it is beyond important to me to offer quality therapists. I wanted to thank you for doing the same. So appreciated!! I visit every time I come to see my Dad in Salem. He also had an excellent massage with Gallagher. Thank you so much for making him comfortable and happy. He was so zonked out after the massage I made him wait to drive. With gratitude,
My wife Gina and I both had appointments on Wednesday. Mine was with Lindsay and hers was with Hallie. These were scheduled to finish off an 11 day, 100 mile hike in the French Alps. These were absolutely the most wonderful massages ever!

Gina said Hallie spent some time discussing her needs, then proceeded to provide an excellent, intuitive massage, she described as THE BEST EVER! (And she has had her share of massages). Lindsay did the same for me. Discussion, then an excellent and intuitive massage. It was a fantastic way to finish a beautiful vacation. Thanks,
I have scheduled myself once/month with Brittany because she is awesome. My experiences with her are wonderful. She is in tune to my energy and body and seems to know what to focus on at the right moment and right spots.