Our Story

Mudra Massage is a family owned & operated business established in Portland, Oregon in 2008. Since it’s early years as a solo practice built by our founder, Mudra has grown to include a diverse and talented group of licensed massage therapists, a training studio for Ashiatsu workshops and celebrates being the most well-reviewed venue for deep/therapeutic bodywork in Portland.

Mudra aims to be the all-encompassing one stop shop for all levels of bodywork. We offer treatments that can accomplish everything from pinpointing a clients’ trouble areas, to assisted stretching, to simple relaxation. Whatever your goals are when coming in for a session, Mudra has a bodyworker who will listen and treat you in the best way possible.

Mudra Massage is an all-inclusive business, which welcomes people of all ages, races, gender, religion, ethnic background and sexual orientation. We are a business built upon respect for its patrons and employees and will always be a safe space to be healthy, happy, balanced and most importantly be yourself. Mudra Massage encourages you to love yourself and treat your body accordingly. Lastly, a big THANKS to all of our wonderful clients and our dedicated massage team for making our vision a reality these past several years, we are so grateful for all of you!

Yours in health & wellness,
Michaela Leonard, Owner

What To Expect

Once you’ve been greeted by a friendly staff member, you will be escorted to our tranquil wait room where you may relax and unwind before your treatment. 

Before your treatment you may select a pure essential oil blend to add aromatherapy to the session. Steamed towels are also used during the massage, applying soothing heat therapy to sore or tired muscles. These amenities are all provided at no additional charge.

Our treatment rooms are exceptionally quiet, with no windows or traffic noise. Each room is equipped with a deluxe sound system; massage table warmers, hot towels and candle lights setting the tone for a relaxing and unforgettable experience.

Our facility is beautifully decorated and includes artwork by local artists. It is clean, quiet, and sanitized regularly. Come in and give us a try sometime, whether you’re looking to pamper yourself or a loved one on a special occasion, or you need regular body maintenance for chronic pain or injury, we exist to accommodate your needs.


Although it feels like a spa when you enter Mudra Massage, we prefer not to place ourselves in a category where up-selling expensive products and services is the goal. Our focus and approach is on wellness and regular maintenance of massage therapy. Most of our clients continue to come to Mudra for monthly or bi-weekly treatments. Our prices are affordable and we also offer package rate discounts for those that wish to come in regularly.

Unlike spas that have an overwhelming menu of services, we pride ourselves in specializing in our chosen field of expertise. Our menu of services has proven to be very successful in treating chronic injury, muscle pain/stiffness, stress, and sleep disorders. Whichever treatment you choose at Mudra, you can be sure your therapist will listen to your needs and deliver precisely what you expect from your session.

Quality not Quantity

If you sign up for an hour massage and arrive on time, you will receive sixty minutes of actual massage time. This fact sets us apart from most spas and massage franchises that book on the hour and cut massage sessions short, rushing you and the therapists in and out of a treatment room. At Mudra, we allow thirty minutes in between each massage session, giving the therapist ample time to do a thorough intake with each client, change linens, and take a small break. We do our best to make up time for those running late, but showing up fifteen or more minutes late could result in the massage being cut short.

No Therapist Cruelty

When you enter Mudra Massage, you get the immediate sense that the staff members appreciate their work environment. We all take pride in providing exceptional service to our clients and work together as a team to do so. Our therapists are highly trained in the massage field and are treated as licensed professionals instead of micro-managed employees. We are very fortunate to employ such a unique group of talented therapists and we do our best to make it a flexible and comfortable work environment for them to thrive in.  As a rule, we never pressure our staff to push products or services. Therapists at Mudra are content because the atmosphere is relaxed, the clientele is pleasant, and it is a space where they are allowed the freedom to be creative with their individual skill sets.


Cancellation – A valid credit card will be required to hold your reservation. You may cancel or change your appointment up to 24 hours in advance of your treatment without penalty. For changes or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged a 50% forfeiture fee. If you fail to show up for your appointment or cancel within one hour or less, you will be charged in full. Treatment time is not extended for late arrivals. 

APPOINTMENT REMINDERS ARE ONLY A COURTESY. We are currently in high demand due to the pandemic with fewer spots available. Please understand that late cancellations affect our therapists compensation as they are rarely filled last minute. Failing to show up for a scheduled appointment for any reason other than sudden illness will not excuse you from a late forfeiture fee. 

Please keep in mind that If you are running late to your scheduled appointment your session will be shortened in order to stay on schedule and to maintain proper cleaning/disinfecting of treatment rooms in between clients. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your session, your appointment will be considered a no-show and may no longer be available. 

If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, please call in to cancel your appointment with as much notice as possible.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, HSA & FSA. We do not accept American Express or personal checks. 

Refunds – All sales (gift certificates, series packages, prepaid massage services) are final and non-refundable and expire in one year. However, they are transferrable and may be gifted to another person if you are unable to use them.