kirsten stone lmt mudra massage

Kirsten Stone, LMT

Kirsten began her massage career in 2001 after graduating from East West College of the Healing Arts.  She decided on this career following a transformational spa experience she had in the mid 90s. Being able to create a healing environment, to hold space for others and to connect with people on a deeper level became her objective. Her sessions are meant to help clients slow down, get quiet and take the time to become grounded in their bodies. As an artist, Kirsten perceives massage as a means of self-expression and thinks of Ashiatsu as a dance, a movement of energy. She feels passionately about the freedom it has given her to move about the body with fluidity and grace, in addition to the ability to achieve deeper pressure than a with a regular Swedish massage. Kirsten finds immense fulfillment in providing people with the experience of feeling nurtured and cared for.

Kirsten is available for: Ashiatsu, Fusion, Swedish/deep tissue & 2-Hour signature massage. 

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