Leilani Suppan Mudra massage Therapist Portland Oregon

Leilani Suppan, LMT

Leilani’s massage career began in 2010, where she spent 4 years developing her skills under a spa franchise. Since the start she was drawn to complex cases; from headaches to sports injuries to medical anomalies, every cause of pain has a complexity. After working alongside physical therapists and chiropractors in a clinical setting, Leilani was inspired to further her education in order to utilize the full scope of her practice and expand upon it. She is now on a break after a two-year study at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. She hopes to complete her education here in Oregon in the future, as education and experience are both an active part of her practice. Leilani’s other interests, when not studying, include acrylic painting, cooking, dog training, wine tasting, and forest health. She owns a 5 yr old Pitsky, while she shares the responsibility of a 2 yr old American Dingo with her partner.

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