Mikaela Fish Mudra Massage Therapist Portland Oregon

Mikaela Fish, LMT

Mikaela has a natural fascination with anatomy, body+mind connection and the body’s ability to bring itself to balance. 

A born and raised Alaskan who’s spent years living simply & through many cold winters, she realized early on the importance of physical/mental/spiritual harmony as it relates to an overall quality of life. In 2016 Mikaela spent two months training in Costa Rica to become a CYT, and began teaching Yin/Restorative Yoga classes on a weekly basis. This was the experience that sparked her interest in bodywork. After returning to the states she completed a massage education at East West College of the Healing Arts here in Oregon.

Mikaela is dedicated to creating a neutral & comforting environment during her sessions; giving her clients the space to cultivate connectivity, awareness and equanimity within their bodies. She aims to promote deep states of relaxation and healing while utilizing a variety of techniques including: Swedish, deep tissue, TrP, MET, MFR, stretching, hot stones and cupping.

Mikaela considers herself a forever student and in her free time can be found taking classes, trying new things, traveling and cuddling her sweet Havanese pup, Cookie.

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