Physical Expectations

If you have any special needs or health conditions that may interfere with the learning process, please contact me prior to registration. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, for the safety of you and your baby, please wait until after you deliver to attend class. If you’ve had any type of implants or major surgery within the past 9 months, please confirm with your physician and myself that this gravity assisted massage is not contraindicated for your condition. Each student will give and receive two or more hours of Ashiatsu on the first two days of class. Although Ashiatsu is incredibly relaxing, it is also a deep / intense massage that is not appropriate for all conditions.

Whether you are male or female, any therapist that weighs over 180 pounds should contact me to discuss what is expected of your fitness level prior to registration sign up. We are happy to discuss with you through photos and verbal description the upper arm and core strength you will need to deliver a comfortable session to your receiving partner. Having balance and coordination skills are a must. The art of learning effleurage fluidly with the feet can be physically and mentally challenging. A successful learning environment depends on a “team operation” style workshop. If you have any concerns with weight, coordination, sight, hearing, recent injuries, learning disabilities, language barriers or any situation that may interfere with your fellow classmate’s learning process, please let us know in advance. Our main focus is on a quality workshop experience for all.

We have suggested height and weight requirements for taking Barefoot Basics. Even though you are only using one foot on the body at a time, we ask that you are flexible enough to stand up & down from a 24-inch stool quickly and easily from the floor. You must be able to sit comfortably on a 29 inch stool with your knees close together in a cannon ball position and be perfectly balanced.

Deposit & Refund Policy

To reserve a spot in our (8) person workshops we require a $300 deposit. Payments can be paid online with a credit card or check by mail. We pride ourselves in small intimate seminars. This gives eight lucky therapists the opportunity to experience the fundamentals in a one-on-one training environment. We reserve the right to cancel class up to two weeks prior to the event if there are less than four students registered. This is highly unlikely to happen, in the event that it does we try and give students as much fair warning as possible. At such time, students can choose a 100% refund or roll their deposit over to a future training.

Your $300 deposit is non-refundable should you cancel out of your selected workshop and the scheduled workshop takes place. A tuition roll over to a future workshop is allowed in the event of a healthcare emergency, pregnancy or injury. Prior notice is required and the fee to roll over the tuition is $75. We will refund 100% of the deposit if any workshop is canceled by us. When buying airfare, we suggest using Southwest airlines whenever possible, as they do not have a penalty for changing reservations.

After your deposit is received you will receive confirmation that you are registered in the class. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class. Checks or cash are greatly appreciated over credit cards due to high merchant fees.

Things to Bring

✓ Leggings, yoga pants, workout type clothing (tapered pants are best)
✓ Pens, highlighter or extra paper for notes.
✓ Lunch, bottled water, lots of snacks (Grocery store is two blocks away)
✓ Oil, holster, multipurpose massage cream. Ashi-body-butter is for sale
✓ Slippers, Flip Flops, Socks

Linen List for Barefoot Basics:

✓ Two fitted sheets, Two flat, Two face covers.
✓ Two hand towels/ Two washcloths
✓ Table warmer (optional)

Linen List for Anterior/Side-Lying

✓ One fitted, one flat, face cradle cover
✓ One King size pillowcase
✓ Running shorts or swim suit bottoms

Linen rental is available for $20 for the Barefoot Basics Course
$10 for Anterior/Side lying
Please let us know in advance if you need linen rental.
*DVDs, Posters, Leggings, Ashiatsu Tanks and Eye Bolts are available for purchase
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Check Payments


It’s advised to allow plenty of travel time both into and out of the state your workshop will be held. Therapists who rush in the morning of the seminar and/or try to rush out directly after the seminar feel drained and overwhelmed. It’s best to arrive the night before and stay close to the seminar site for an easy commute and a good night’s rest. Punctuality is a must. You will only receive full credit hours on your transcript if you are on time each day. We will be working in teams of two each day, so if one person is late, it will affect the entire team. Make your travel and hotel plans with this in mind.

Lodging Information
The Portland, Oregon Ashiatsu facility is located in NE Portland in the quaint Hollywood District at the Mudra Massage Studio. The closest and most affordable hotels are located near the Convention Center and Rose Quarter. If you book a private studio or B & B, search in NE Portland in the Hollywood, Alameda, Irvington or Grant Park Districts.

Hotel Recommendation:
Any hotel located near Portland Convention Center, Rose Garden or Lloyd Center. Some suggestions are:

Kennedy School

Double Tree Lloyd Center
$90-$130 Nightly, one mile from studio

Everett Street Guest House
2306 Northeast Everett Street Portland, OR 97232
(503) 230-0211
The Everett Street Guesthouse is a casual bed and breakfast inn and peaceful urban oasis for visitors to Portland, Oregon. Located near SE 28th and Burnside Avenue where you can find lots of great eateries, coffee shops and local art. Includes Breakfast. Only 1 mile from studio, bikes available daily $60-125 night

Private Rooms on


Just about any kind of food you could imagine is located within walking distance. We do suggest bringing extra fruit, water, and snacks, as your blood sugar may get low on such long training days. There is a grocery store located right across the street from the studio.


Portland airport is approximately 7 miles from the studio and recommended places to stay. Shuttle and cab service will cost about $20 each way. If you don’t mind public transportation you can take the bus and / or the Max (train) for $3 each way. Car, shuttle or cab should take no more than 20 minutes, please allow at least 45 minutes for public transportation to and from the airport. You can walk, bike, drive or take public transportation to get to the studio. If you drive to the studio, parking is off street only.

Studio Address: Mudra Massage
2627 NE Broadway, PDX OR 97232

If you have any questions regarding lodging, transportation or the workshop please don’t hesitate to call.